Who Takes Taxis Anymore? Why Today’s Businessmen Are Using San Francisco Town Car Services



Visualize this: a steady stream of businessmen swinging out to the city sidewalks, making wild gestures at the glowing cab lights in attempts of hailing down a cab.

It’s a charming image, but an antiquated one.

Today’s businessman very rarely takes a cab anymore. Current taxi fares are through the roof, resulting from a mix of politics, and improper pricing practices. Even as the fares go up, people are still paying for the same familiar taxi experience—hidden fees, all the wrong routes, an irate driver, and what is that smell?

For nearly the same price, a San Francisco car service can offer an immaculate town car filled with amenities, and driven by an experienced and professional chauffeur. A town car offers a traveling businessman the reassurance that they will arrive at their destination on-time, stress-free. A town car is a private, secured space where an executive can relax with a drink, or refine his approach for the next business meeting.

In the past, the only reason to resort to taxis instead of a town car was the gap in prices, and that gap no longer exists. Businessmen across America are realizing this, and abandoning traditional cabs in record numbers.

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