How to compete in the age of smartphones and offer the best personalized service to your clients.

Super Limo’s San Francisco Town Car services have been in business since 1993. We  are proud to have provided transportation solutions for tens of thousands of individuals and corporations worldwide. However, our industry landscape has changed in the last three years.


The introduction of non personal internet based services like Uber, Lyft and Side Car has changed the landscape for ‘classic’ livery owners. Many of the companies that based their business model in the metro areas especially in the big cities like New York, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco could see their customers moving to these new-comers to the market and see their businesses suffer. Other companies join forces and use Uber Lyft as a filler. I even tried Uber Lyft two and a half years ago and was disappointed by their management attitude and have since ceased using their services.


The strategies that I employ to help me navigate the rough waters is improving my website content and functionality, advertising with Google and building personal relationship’s with travel agents with an interest in the heart of our local San Francisco livery industry, limousine services, town car services and airport car service providers in the Bay Area and all over the world.


The emphasis now, more then ever before is on fantastic professional drivers, pristine cars, competitive pricing and availability 24 hours a day that leaves nothing but class and smiles for miles at the end of your trip. Instead of shooting to all directions we are laser focused on the above points and pride ourselves in our service offerings to our core clients, individuals and corporations offering town car and limousine services while making myself available for YOUR needs as much as possible.

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