The Challenge of Running A Small Business in the Internet Age

When I say “small business,” I mean really small—less than 10 people!

I was introduced to the Internet more than 15 years ago, and I remember my first website: This site was successful without spending any large sums of money; just by being there, we were able to generate traffic , with no budget for advertising, and no social media. The site was doing just fine, capturing leads and advertising the business.

Then, I started my second business Here, I started having problems. I needed to get the site optimized properly. I hired more than three companies to optimize my site, and each time, it cost me thousands of dollars. After a few months, traffic disappeared. Three years ago, I decided to change the name of my original business from Super Connection to Super Limo, and build a new website

This time, AdWords was more viable and the platform was made more accessible for smaller businesses. I was able to generate a good return on investment (ROI) after speaking with representatives at Google and managing the campaign on my own. What’s a good ROI? I am talking about a return averaging nearly four times the original investment! You can monitor and decide the expenses on daily basis, so this gave me the ability to adjust my budget as needed. Looking forward, I decided to combine AdWords with website optimization to maximize organic search traffic. This included social media, articles, blogs, and more.

I am still investing hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis without seeing substantial results. The big question: How long does this continue? Where should I invest my money to see the best return on investment?

For now, I am going to reduce the Google AdWords campaign to that of the web optimization campaign. Hopefully, this combination will allow me to continue moving forward and still generate a decent return.

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